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Thank you from the Brunswick Acres School

Thank You Letter We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to visit our school on March 8th and 13th to teach our pre k, kindergarten and first grade classes about oral health. You were a wonderful speaker, teacher and role model for our students. Your presentation was informative and fun and the children and teachers enjoyed it.

We hope that we can make arrangements again in the future for you to visit our school and share your experience and knowledge. Thank you again for your participation.


School Nurse, First Grade Teachers, Kindergarten and Pre K Teachers.

Thank you from the Deans School

Thank you letter from the Deans SchoolThe Deans kindergarten staff and nurses would like to thank you for the Oral Health presentation at our school.  We appreciate the time you took to give a fun informative lesson to each kindergarten class. The lesson you provided to the children will hopefully lead to good dental health for a lifetime.

As in the past, the teacher felt your presentation and interactive lesson was enjoyed by students and provided a wonderful learning experience. We appreciate that you include some students in your program. The teachers and students wanted you to know amoxil and alcoholso we enclosed a thank you from each class.

Thank you for coming to our school and we look forward to your return next year.


Sue Kneis, R.N.
Katie Brady, R.N.
Deans School