First Visit

Make the first pediatric dentistry appointment as early in the day as possible.

  • Toddlers are usually more rested in the morning.
  • Try not to communicate your own fears, if any to your child.
  • Your interpretations and expectations are different from your child’s.
  • Practice with your child’s head on your lap, depending on the age.
  • Explain how he or she should open wide, talk about the little mirror, the tooth counter, and Mr. Clean our SpinBrush, who will make the child’s teeth shine.
  • Avoid words such as hurt, drill, or shot. Do not expect too much from your child.

The pediatric dentist will manage the behavior with age-appropriate expectations. A favorite toy or blanket can be taken with the child to hold. Here’s to a wonderful first pediatric dentistry visit for your little “First Timer!”

First visit by first birthday

“First visit by first birthday” sums it up. Your child should visit a pediatric dentist when the first tooth comes in, usually between six and twelve months of age. Early examination and preventive care will protect your child’s smile now and in the future.

We offer initial FREE INFANT EXAMINATIONS up to 24 months.

    The infant oral health appointment will include:

  • A review of the infant’s diet and nutrition
  • The need for fluoride supplementation considering dietary and other sources of fluoride
  • Pediatric dentistry instructions for cleaning the baby teeth and gums
  • Discussion regarding pacifier, finger, or other oral habits
  • Injury prevention and trauma
  • Oral development and normal eruption patterns
  • Risk factors for decay in the child’s baby teeth

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